Kumejima, Okinawa, Japan: After reuniting with Miki, befriending a fellow American named Raymond, and learning of an upcoming 3on3 basketball tournament being held soon on the island, Kam starts to feel as though things might finally be looking up for him in his new home. The three eagerly agree to join up and enter a team in the competition, but since they have never actually played together, they need a place to practice before the tournament beings. Miki informs them of an Open Gym being held at a local high school… Kume High. “The school I’m supposed to attend.” Kam realizes. “Welp, a gym is a gym. What could be special about a school on this island?”

Chapter 9: Open Gym at the Once Legendary Kume High Part 1


Story by Christopher Lopez
Release June 29, 2022
Length 26 pages
Age Rating All Ages
Color Full Color
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