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Transition Game


Transition Game is a full-color basketball manga produced by current NBA (National Basketball Association) players, Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez. The story is written by their older brother, Christopher Lopez, and features the vibrant artwork of artist TATSUZ.

Transition Game is the story of Kameron Ford, a 15-year-old American basketball prodigy living in Stuttgart, Germany with his mother, a US Naval Officer, and his two younger brothers. When Kam’s mother is suddenly promoted, it causes the family to uproot everything, and move half a world away to a remote island posting in the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan. Feeling alone and unsure of how to adjust to life in his new home, Kam takes solace in his main love basketball, but “Do they even play basketball here?”. Now he must struggle to make new friends and find his place in this foreign land. However, before long Kam discovers that the Japanese basketball world has far more in store for him than he ever could have imagined, causing him to grow as both a basketball player and more importantly, as a human being.

Welcome to the TRANSITION GAME.

Transition Game

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