Kume High School, Kumejima, Okinawa, Japan: Feeling a bit more settled and in his element on the court, Kam, along with Mikio and Ray, are locked in a lively series of pickup basketball games against local alumni in the Kume High gym. As he daps up his cheerful and excited friends after finishing off a smooth drive through the lane, Kam turns to start the next play and is shocked to find three pairs of decidedly less cheerful eyes glaring back at him from the doorway of the gym. “Hey, it’s that blonde dude from back at the old beach court! What the heck is he doing here!?”… And more importantly, what is his connection to Kume High?

Chapter 10: Open Gym at the Once Legendary Kume High Part 2


Story by Christopher Lopez
Release July 30, 2022
Length 43 pages
Age Rating All Ages
Color Full Color
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