Kume Airbase, Kumejima, Okinawa, Japan: With the advice of his Uncle Mack still echoing in his head, Kam watches a spirited pick-up game on the naval base as he sits pondering his future. His attention soon turns to the game, and he is immediately awed by the rough and tumble, physical style of basketball on display between the sailors. Could he play in a game like this? It looks more like a brawl than a game of hoops! He isn’t given a moment to wonder, as before he knows it a stunned Kam is called into the game to take the place of an injured player. Will Kam survive the brutal game or will he be torpedoed by the cocky, and imposing Seabee glaring down at him from the free throw line?

Chapter 8: Life is a b@#ch Pt. 2


Story by Christopher Lopez
Release May 30, 2022
Length 31 pages
Age Rating All Ages
Color Full Color
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