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It takes a team to win in basketball, so join ours today and help us reach our goal! If we reach 1 million downloads during the NBA regular season one of you team members will be selected and invited to an exciting NBA game by the Lopez Brothers. If we don’t reach our goal this season the challenge will be carried over to the next. This is all about TEAM WORK, so let’s invite your family and friends to join up today so that we can reach our goal TOGETHER!



A group of 3 tickets to one of the Lopez Brother’s games.

– After the game you will be able to meet with one or both of the Lopez Brothers for photos and signed autographs.

– The game will be decided once the 1 Million Download Challenge has been completed.

– If the Challenge is completed near or after the end of the regular season the game will be postponed till the next NBA regular season due to the undetermined nature of playoff scheduling.

– The prize does not include any transportation to, accommodation, or miscellaneous fees for the choosen game.


Qualification Requirements

– Sign up and join our Transition Team by creating an account at TransitionGame.com. That’s it! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY . The winner will be selected from those members who signed up prior to us meeting or 1 Million Download Challenge goal.



– One member of our Team will be chosen at random once our goal is met, and I will be contacted and informed by email.



*You cannot choose which game you will attend.

*Prize does not include transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, or any other expenses.

*Personal information (zip code, address, name, phone number, email etc.) entered upon sign up to participate in this challenge will only be used to contact the participants and winners.

*Halcyon1142 (California, USA) is in charge of managing said personal information. Please refer to the privacy policy on the official website for information on handling of customer’s personal information.

*If the winner cannot be contacted, or has difficulty attending the chosen game due to overseas travel or other unforseen circumstances, please note that winning may be invalidated.

*This prize is non-transferred, and may only be used by the winner.

*If there is any wrongdoing regarding the application process, we may cancel and invalidate the winning at any time.

*Prize specifications are subject to change without notice. The application period and prize contents may change due to unavoidable circumstances.

*The organizers (Halcyon1142) are not responsible for any troubles or damage to equipment, or  communication used due to the confirmation details of this campaign.

*Please note, if you do not fill in the required items in the account registration in total, winning may be invalidated.


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